Our team of visionaries works hard to stay ahead of the curve. We specialize in various industry domains and work towards developing innovative products to meet business challenges exist across industries. Our products can help you achieve superior operational efficiency and optimize your time, cost and energy investments.


Manage-Med is a hospital management solution which has shifted focus from recording healthcare to delivering healthcare. Hospitals are striving towards saving lives but are challenged to effectively use all their resources - financial, human, information and materials for providing better care, at all times, at affordable costs to all.

Manade-Med goes beyond hospital automation to help you achieve Patient Care and Satisfaction, Health Management, Lower Cost of Operations, Capacity Utilization, Resource Optimization, Physician and Staff Productivity, Integration with External Systems and Statutory Compliance.

With this product, large and medium-sized hospitals can streamline patient care, hospital administration, ancillary services, and clinical support activities. Your health care institution can realize better administration and control, enhanced fund management, better reporting to aid strategic decision making, and improved patient care and satisfaction.


Effective resource management is a priority for all professional services executives looking to optimize profit margins, improve billable utilization, retain top talent and increase client satisfaction. With Allokate, you can ensure that the right resources are working on the right projects, based on real-time project timelines as the project evolves. 

Allokate equips you to achieve complete visibility into resource utilization, skills profiles, bookings and more. It eliminates dependence on resource management spreadsheets with real-time tracking of skills and availability and centralized, up-to-date, searchable resource profiles.

Allokate automates resource management requests and bookings with customizable workflows and optimize project teams using a single, global pool of resources.